We are business consultants who will help you with branding, marketing, design, and standing up robust business processes.

We've done data, programming, and design since 2012. From finance viz to agriculture analysis, we'll do it for you.


We’ve got a lot of experience with personalized landing pages, and we love driving traffic to customized sales funnels. Let us help you throw rocket fuel onto your next marketing push.



Do you have a list of customers or clients mobile phone numbers, but no easy way to reach them? We can put together a mail-merge style texting campaign that can reach all of them. Want to start a loyalty club, a text club, or a fundraiser giveaway by SMS? We’ll do it for you.



Cloud computing and distributed tasks have made big data jobs easier to run – and lets us apply Machine Learning (ML) to your data and models.

Do you have a time series of data? We bet you do. A time series is just a pattern of calls/leads and sales. We can help you crunch the numbers to determine what is your biggest factor in driving home a record setting year.


BI Core is our Business Operating System – it allows us to manage content for multiple brands from one central location. Whether it’s blog posts, news alerts, email marketing, or more – the Core has got your back.

The brands below are Bodhi Industries brands we use to Proof of Concept our products, our skills, and our passion. They all run on BI Core:

Shatterbase - shatterbase.com
Discing.net - discing.net
Neptuned Music Services - neptuned.co
Mooncrew MCX - music distribution across all major platforms
ObeyGrey - obeygrey.com

We are open to helping you join our Core platform, to consulting you towards your own custom solution, or helping you boost your next marketing campaign with techniques similar to our own.



What makes us different?

  1. The Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) methodology:

    DRY is generally a programming term used to teach younger coders to write reusable and elegant, smaller functions. We take that same idea and apply it to the general workplace.

    How many times have you had to retrain teams or re-mediate their usage of systems? Do you want to stop?

    One of our main focuses is the idea of ‘last-mile development’, or making sure that the users of the end product are involved from ideation to completion. The #1 enemy of a modern-day business project is under-scoped project guidelines and unspoken expectations. DRY – let’s get the inputs, the outputs, and the expectations written down immediately.

  2. ‘Weaponized Laziness’ – the one thing Tim Ferriss and Richard Thaler have in common:

    Tim Ferriss revolutionized the NYT-list the last few years with his ideas of applying the Pareto principle to the extreme. Focus on the top 20% of work that begets the 80% of results – and delegate the rest. Richard Thaler, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is oft-praised by his colleague Daniel Kahneman as being the ‘laziest hard worker he’s ever met’.

    Both men share the same idea – focus on the work that pays the most dividends, and be mindful of any sunk cost fallacies. Behavioral Economics has a lot of crossover with User Experience, UX, and there is a lot to be learned!

  3. Radical Transparency – or why Ray Dalio gets honest feedback every single day:

    Here’s the deal – when building a product, especially software, it needs to check the boxes of the executives, and it also needs to befriend the users. Software and websites that are unintuitive to the user will end up forcing them to place data where it should not be. Things like: first names in both the first name and last name fields, fake phone numbers, incorrect addresses, the list goes on.

    Ray Dalio, leader of Bridgewater Associates, preaches the idea of radical transparency. At most meetings at his business, all employees have a ‘dot-collector’ app on their tablet. Before the meeting concludes, everyone quickly jots down notes on each speakers topics, future questions, and criticisms and compliments of each individual person. This data is then displayed on a matrix in Outlook next to the meeting.

    We don’t want to force transparency to that level upon you – but we identify with the spirit. Bodhi Industries is keen to collect data on how you and your users will use the product we are building for you. With this data we will both get better and better;  and we will have the data to back it up.